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Discover the underlying patterns that cause your pain so that you can free yourself from them once and for all

Whether you've tried everything and are still having problems, or you've had some success with somatic or mind/body methods but need extra guidance - that's what I help with.

A somatic approach is the best way to get back to pain-free movement, whilst learning what's really behind your symptoms.

With the right process, you can overcome the predictable and habitual patterns involved in hip and lower-back pain, without needing to keep looking elsewhere for help.

Want to know how?

Grab my Patterns Behind Pain guide and come into my somatic sanctum (and on to my email list) where we’ll talk all things mind/body like: 

  • The Somatic Reset System that teaches you how to move without hip & lower back pain when nothing else has worked

  • How to recognise the brain's predictable responses to stress and the effects in your body

  • Somatic techniques and exercises that upgrade your brain's command to your muscles, without stretching or forcing

  • How to deal with unhelpful thoughts and behaviours without letting them derail you

  • How to nail a daily reset for incredible results


    Hi I'm Claudine...

    If there's one thing I'm all about it's helping when you've lost confidence in yourself or your ability to do normal things because of pain. I would love for you to be able to walk down the steps of the salt mines in Krakow or hike the trails of Machu Picchu without feeling crappy and old if that's what you want to do!

    Yes, figuring out what works can be frustrating. I spent more than 15 years grappling with nagging hip pain that refused to go away. It wasn't until I stopped inadvertently fighting against my body (didn't know I was) and started understanding my nervous system better, that things finally changed.

    Want to know more about me and my approach?


    What clients say...

    "This is just what my body has needed for so long. Just to be able to walk and feel like my hips and legs are supporting me is a massive thing."

    Peter Carter