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My Workshop Title

The exact thing I do to keep myself moving without pain and how I deal with the effects of stress every single day

Are you interested in support to start a somatic approach to pain-free movement

Maybe you've be thinking about this for a while because it seems like a common sense approach, and you're wondering if I'm the right person to guide you. I'm currently enrolling for a September start to my programme and only have 4 spaces available.

We could be a good fit to work together if:

  • You desperately want to be more active but with persistent pain holding you back, you’re fed up with how draining it all is.

  • You've tried all the usual approaches and only had intermittent relief.

  • You don't want to waste anymore energy going back and forth to different practitioners when the results don't last and the exercises aren't actually helping.

  • You'd rather do something that deals with the underlying causes than rely on short-term 'fixes'.

  • You want to take care of yourself without the background worry of there being something more drastically wrong (and to ultimately have more control over that).

  • You're happy to dedicate yourself to a period of unlearning and relearning and willing to put other things on hold for a bit.

Here's my commitment to you:

You show up 100% and I will too. I will give you the ..

The first step is to tell me a bit about you and it only takes 3 minutes

Apply Now

Here's how it works:

✍️ Complete the application form and tell me about your health, movement, activity, pain; what you need support with and what you'd ultimately like from this

🔍 I'll review your application form to see if this is something I feel I can help you with

💡 If I think I can help, I'll either send you details or suggest we hop on a call to discuss. And if I don't think I'm quite the right fit, I'll let you know and hopefully point you towards someone who is.


What clients say...

" I feel like I'm finally making progress after 2 years of getting nowhere with physio"

Beckie Bradshaw-Levy