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Watch This Video And You'll Learn...

How To Conquer Hip & Lower Back Pain And Move With Comfort & Ease

And the QUICK, easy way to properly release tension and relax tight muscles without the need for regular treatments just to get some relief

In this 45 minute video training, I'll explain:

  • Why the usual methods might not be working for you (and the approach that will help you make lasting change)

  • Why there is no need to rely on treatments or therapies that only ever offer temporary relief, and instead hear about an overlooked approach that makes lasting change possible – the ‘missing link’ when it comes to feeling stiff, tired and sore

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    Somatic RESET System

    Here's Why You Need To Learn A Somatic Approach

    So what am I trying to sell you on? It's pretty simple - here are the basics:

  • Scientifically Sound - 

  • Effective - The gentle yawn-like technique to reset the brain's control of those tight muscles and upgrade your faulty movement patterns

  • Practical - Simple practice methods that, once learnt, can be used forever

  • Presenter

    Claudine Martin

    I believe almost all of us with ongoing hip and back problems can’t help ourselves because we don’t understand what’s gone wrong. That’s why our ‘solutions’ are unsuccessful.

    If we could only be more in touch with the way we physically respond to stress - positive and negative. Learning how to feel and sense ourselves from our own first person perspective is a great place to start.

    I know the struggle and feeling like a failure when it comes to finding a way out of pain. It’s clear that stretching and strengthening exercises are not addressing the route cause, and relying on being 'fixed' or taking endless amounts of painkillers is not the answer either.

    Together, in this training we will shed some light on the 'mystery' of chronic pain and give you the Somatic Reset System to help you take control of your body and movement.

    Here's What My Students Say

    ''Great webinar. I Increased my product sales by 25%. Nice one.''

    Noah White


    ''My advertising is now profitable. New headlines make it work.''

    Luke Baker


    Over 2,500+ People Have Already Registered For This Exclusive Webinar!