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Re-Gain Your Natural Mobility, Flexibility & Pain-Free Movement

Simple, effective movement re-education for long-term change 

Clinical (Hanna) Somatic Education

What Are The Most Common Mistakes When It Comes To Pain?

These are the things that held me back...how many of mistakes are you making?

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    Our virtual live retreats are a chance to delve into the possible reasons for hip and lower back pain, and where to start in making changes

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    Virtually all of my clients get massive results

    '' Great service. Increased my product sales by 25% in the first week. Nice. ''

    Noah White


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    Hi I'm Claudine

    Having finally overcome 15 years of chronic hip pain I know the struggle, the frustration and the feeling like a failure when it comes to finding a way out of pain.

    Having spent over two decades working in the field of movement it became clear to me that there was something missing in the way we approach to muscular pain – despite all my knowledge and experience, my pain got progressively worse, and although I knew my body was stuck I had no way of getting to the underlying cause and make the changes I needed to make.

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    What do you need written, to whom and how much?

    Where do I fit in the picture

    Discover and define how I can help you.

    Project timeframes and budget

    An estimate of how much time and money is needed.

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    I give you my honest word that, if you give me a chance, you're sure to be given my absolute best work. But If you feel that I fell short in any way on delivering the goodies, just let me know. I will issue a full and immediate refund -- no hassle, no questions, no ifs, ands, or buts.

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